Terrence Mackey was born and raised in Lancaster, SC. His journey with photography began in 1983, at the age of eight. His third grade class at Dobson Elementary was taking a field trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC, and Terrence's brother Willie attached a string to his Kodak Disc camera and put it around Terrence's neck. He showed him how to look through the viewfinder and told him to press the button when it looks ready. Shortly after he became Willie's personal photographer as he modeled different outfits in the kitchen of their mom's home. 


In June 2010, Terrence was hospitalized with a very serious illness, that nearly took his life. He lost over 40 pounds in a matter of weeks, and lost his strength to walk. His stay in CMC-Main was almost a month, but through much prayer and family support, Terrence was able to make a full recovery. This gave Terrence a new perspective in life, to live everyday like its his last, and developed a self-motivating motto, "Let it Go!!"


Today, he still resides in Lancaster, SC and has obtained his Associates Degree in General Management and his Accounting Clerk Certificate, from York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC. He also has studied photography with the Shaw Academy in Ireland, where he received two diplomas for his studies there. His work has been seen locally and nationally for many years, as he continues to fly under the radar.


Portraiture, Events, Wedding and Engagement, School, Sports/Action, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography based in LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA.